About the Art Educator


“I can say, with absolute confidence and certainty, that Sarah is one of the most hard-working, dedicated, positive, competent, and professional individuals that I have had the pleasure of working with in the University setting. Honestly, I cannot think of a professor who has been more helpful to me on my long academic journey.”


- Former Art Education Student


From a very young age, Sarah knew that she wanted to teach. From playing school in her backyard playhouse, to assigning pretend homework assignments to her younger siblings, Sarah has always gravitated towards the teaching field. Since those early childhood explorations, Sarah has gained valuable teaching experience on various levels. From the preschool classroom to the college lecture hall, Sarah thoroughly enjoys working with diverse populations and fosters a genuine love for learning in all of her students.


“Sarah's dedication to her students is evident in both the significant planning that goes into her presentations as well as her enthusiastic attitude toward her students. A class with Sarah always includes ample opportunity for exploring the topic and practicing the skill. I often feel that Sarah has helped me discover my strengths as a teacher rather than simply telling me how to be a better teacher. Her instruction, instead, is a model of inspiring teaching, allowing the student to learn through example and self-reflection.”


- Former Art Education Student

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